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Achieving optimal customized strategies 


Complimentary Consultation

Engage in a thorough analysis of your unique circumstances, allowing the coach to listen attentively to your needs.


Proficient Coach and Team Conduct In

Depth Assessment 

Our experienced team comprehensively diagnoses your strengths and weaknesses.


Tailored Strategy Presentation 

Receive a personalized strategy meticulously crafted to address your specific requirements.


Progress Tracking and Follow-up

Regularly monitor and evaluate your progress to ensure the strategy's effectiveness and adjust as needed.

Our Services



5-Step Package

In our 5-step course, we present a clear timeline from Step 1 to Step 5, providing website visitors with an immersive journey through the entire process they will embark on with us. Before delving into the step-by-step details, we first must explain the specific target clients for whom this package is tailored. Following this, we offer a concise and intriguing glimpse into each step, enticing them to explore further.

Step 1Introduction and customer identification

Step 2Segmentation and market study

Step 3Growing Hypothesis

Step 4: Regulations and personnel  

Step 5Highlights and final assessments


Reconstructing Package

Every CEO comprehends the daily operational challenges, always pursuing optimization across all sectors - from human resources and accounting to customer service and sales. This package is meticulously designed to create robust strategies at every level of your organization, recognizing the interconnected nature of all operations.


Our aim in this comprehensive solution is to pinpoint the root of any issue which invariably affects multiple areas of your organization. Our objective is to enhance operational fluidity, solidify roles, and improve your profit margins. We recognize the urgency of your demands and our strategies generate results within a predetermined time frame, as required. 


This package isn't solely about the strategic mechanisms we put in place; it's also about our proactive follow-up and resourcefulness as a company. We pride ourselves on our problem-solving capabilities and sales-oriented approach, always keeping our client's needs at the forefront. Let us demonstrate why we are your ally in achieving effectiveness.

Edificios altos




Assembling a winning team and selecting suitable profiles for leadership roles can be daunting. Leading a group of individuals demands a unique skill set that only some will embrace. Authentic leadership isn't just about earning admiration; it's about driving growth within your team.


At our leadership conferences, we guarantee growth, a positive shift in attitude, and a renewed focus on what truly matters. Every decision has its consequences, and we encourage you to invest in your business by offering a meticulously crafted leadership conference that addresses your team's weaknesses point by point. Witness the profound impact of nurturing and empowering your team as their growth becomes synonymous with your own. Embrace the power of investing in your team, and unlock your business's boundless potential.


Have you ever looked forward to concluding a deal that will propel your company's objectives, only to feel pressured, uneasy, and insecure about communicating effectively? 

Or are you currently dealing with managing discontented agreements that restrict the continual growth of your business?

….Or have you faced financial losses due to inadequate negotiation? And now you are dealing with declining revenue.


Our conference aims to provide you with the skills you need to grasp good negotiating and handle the scenarios that have been mentioned. Our conference provides you with the tools to significantly reduce the likelihood of missed opportunities in your organization's initiatives, discontent, revenue loss, and impediments to improvement, regardless of whether you want to avoid or overcome the situations described. Getting in touch with us will help you acquire the skills required for accomplishment in negotiations. We evaluate your case and decide on the most appropriate manner to organize the conference for your company.


Effective Negotiation


Self-Confidence Conference

At our business conferences, we recognize self-confidence as an ongoing effort, especially professionally. Authentic self-confidence originates from mastering one's craft, leading to improved performance and heightened productivity. Embracing self-assurance enables your team to take calculated risks, propose visionary ideas, and actively contribute to decision-making at every step of your company's development.


The positive impact of self-confidence within your organization fosters a dynamic and cohesive team, enhances client relations, and elevates your company's reputation by projecting professionalism through confident team members. Our conferences are customized to fit your company's unique vision, mission and essence. We aim not to impose on your team but to be your steadfast ally in conveying the right messages and values to your employees.


We aim to empower your team with self-confidence, fueling their productivity and enthusiasm. By nurturing self-assurance in your workforce, we seek to promote your business's overall success and productivity. Contact us to explore how our conferences can cultivate a thriving culture of self-confidence among your employees, driving lasting positive impact throughout your organization.


My name is Ángela Murcia

I am genuinely passionate about life, and that inner strength drives me to create and live fully. Throughout my 20-year entrepreneurial journey, I have always embraced giving my utmost effort and staying tenacious in everything I do. Throughout the ups and downs, I've learned the importance of personal growth and honing my professional skills. Balancing these aspects has been a critical ingredient in my progress.


As a sales specialist for two decades, I've acquired valuable skills in effective communication, empathy, problem-solving, persistence, consistency, self-presentation, and the art of listening and negotiation. These skills have given me the authority to influence the organizations I've worked with, helping them to evolve structurally and overcome crises.


My understanding of other cultures and corporate procedures has been further enhanced through the experience of moving from Colombia to Canada. I am committed to supporting Canadian success for entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide. By generating novel possibilities, I aim to benefit their projects and support the Canadian economy.

This is just a glimpse of my story, and I would be honored to bring a positive financial impact to your project. Let's connect on social networks, and together, let's create new prosperity for the future!

I look forward to collaborating with you and achieving great things together!

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“Her personal approach and detailed analysis, saved my business from closing”

Laura Escobedo

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