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Being a corporate helping hand for business structures by aiding entrepreneurs to manage the volatility of the business world while enhancing their financial status.


To be the go-to first-choice problem-solver for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada when they look for assistance and know they can rely on us as a trustworthy partner who understands them and their goals to optimize margin profitability.  

Our history

ExpoD Services Inc. is a proudly Canadian company established in Montreal, Quebec, in 2017. Initially, our focus was to export Canadian products to markets in South America, particularly Colombia and Europe, with a particular emphasis on France. Over the years, as we built connections in these regions, we recognized the potential for excellent quality products from South America and France to be imported into the Canadian market. Accordingly, ExpoD Services Inc. became the bridge for entrepreneurs worldwide, facilitating the export process and understanding the unique needs and preferences of the Canadian market.

As the global landscape shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020, we quickly adapted to the changing requirements and circumstances. Recognizing the increasing digitalization and the demand for process automation in businesses, we ventured into new territories, offering tailor-made software, web applications, online marketing, and e-commerce solutions. This led to the formation of our marketing agency, now known as marketingXpod, operating under the ExpoD Services Inc. brand.

Throughout this journey, we have stood by our clients through economic uncertainties, providing them with the support they needed to navigate various business cycles. This led to the establishment of our business coaching services, where we focus on internal restructuring, conflict resolution, and sales process optimization, all with the ultimate goal of maximizing our client's profits. On the other hand, through marketingXpod, we offer external solutions, from developing branding services for Canadian companies to building online authority in the digital world. These two branches, our marketing agency and business coaching services, offer comprehensive internal and external solutions to empower businesses to thrive in the ever-changing global landscape.

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